Natural wonders rule on the outside, design wonders rule the interior

The apartments designed with a modern sense of architecture and impeccable comfort, and they are built for the wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

  • Location
  • Social Life
  • Project Properties
  • Izmit
  • Location

    Izmit, which has an exclusive space thanks to its geography, is known for being very close to Turkey’s other industrial centers, and Istanbul. And Star Hill is close to everything, closer than you can imagine.

    • 65,9 km to Sabiha Gokcen Airport
    • 44,5 km to Osmangazi Bridge
    • 102 km to İstanbul
    • 85,1 km to Yalova
    • 117 km to Iznik
    • 112 km to Bursa
  • Social Life

    To enrich the lives of its habitants, Star Hill houses several activity centers such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, cafes & restaurants, amphitheatre, movie house, Turkish bath & spa etc. The project, which stands tall at the most prestigious part of the unique Izmit city, is surrounded by a forest land. Izmit’s almost magical historical heritage contains;

    • A history which goes way back to BC 3000
    • Numerous memorial sites and museums
    • Natural wonders
  • Project Properties

    Star Hill project which would bring world city qualities to Izmit includes;

    • More than 23,000 m2 built space
    • 8 buildings, 11 villas, and 3 trading areas
    • 9 duplex and 2 triplex houses
    • Parking lot and indoor parking
  • Izmit

    The developed industrial presence in Izmit is only second to Istanbul in Turkey. With its ports on the Gulf’s coast, the flora of the city carries similarities with the Mediterranean and Black Sea region plants. Izmit;

    • Has its own flora and fauna
    • Is the most developed industrial city after Istanbul
    • Has land, sea and air routes
    • And historical monuments and museums

New word for "life quality"...

Exceeds your expectations.

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    Natural wonders rule on the outside, design wonders rule the interior!

    • The gulf view will accompany you incessantly in every apartment
    • New word for "life quality"
    • Luminous kitchens
    • Elegant touches
    • Exceeds your expectations
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